Welcome to Joe Wolfe Design, I'm Joe Wolfe!

Welcome to my portfolio! I am a web developer, graphic designer, photographer, project manager, and Ninja Warrior! I grew up in Lima, OH and I am currently residing in Mercer Island, WA. The purpose of this website is to show off my multiple talents and give you a taste of who I am as a person!

I have been working in the web professionally for the past years although beforehand I had been building websites for over a decade in my spare time. Back in the 90s when the web was just starting to bloom you could find me writing pure HTML using notepad posting random websites on free domain providers. As web technology grew so did I.

Take some time and look around on my site. If you want to find out more about me view my About Me page. If you want to contact me then go to my Contact Page!

Things to note while looking around

If you are an employer or a rival developer giving my site a look to gauge my skills, I want you to take note that other than loading in jQuery I am not using any other libraries to handle any behaviors on this website. Every piece of functionality is handwritten from scratch. There is a hidden gem in this website, hopefully you can find it!

View My American Ninja Warrior Submission Video

One of my many dreams that I've had over the past few years is the opportunity to compete on the television show American Ninja Warrior. This year I was able to realize that dream as I competed in the Dallas American Ninja Warrior regional qualifier. I was granted a spot in the tournamnet after submitting this video.

My gimmick here is play the Ninja Warrior villain. I wanted to be like an over the top pro wrestler heel character. I could try to tell you that I'm not this big of a jerk in person, but I'll let you use your judgement if you ever get the chance to meet me!

Season 6 of American Ninja Warrior kicks off on May 26th, 2014! Watch and keep an eye out for me when they televise the Dallas qualifier!

Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube page for future American Ninja Warrior submission videos and other ridiculous videos!